july 30th, 2020

i’ve been thinking about my use of social media lately, and while i do enjoy doing so and posting my art and so on, it doesnt make me very happy. excuse my lack of punctuation and capitalization in this entry.

i find myself comparing my self to others lately, and i find it quite difficult to form connections with other people. which is absolutely fine, it’s a strange time we live in and everyone is very stressed about their own situations and so on, but not having friends and working on the front-line during this virus at the same time, it begins to feel isolating and lonely. im sure in time things will get better, but i feel really awful today and i think i should be allowed to say that. im going to try and work on my portfoilo and get some stuff done so i can feel more accomplished instead of moping though, so hopefully i’ll feel better in a couple hours. i dont plan on using this blog to vent constantly, but i dont really like complaining on short form sites like twitter because it feels really weird to do so if the account isnt privated or something.

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